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Family vs. Church

• A few years ago, I was given a recorded sermon entitled, “How Some Churches Are Hurting Families.” This sermon had been circulated in a church pastored by a friend of mine. It caused great division and difficulty. The speaker … Continue reading

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Where the “Solomons” Went Wrong

     In two previous blogs I have dealt with the issue of Rehoboam’s refusal to heed the excellent advice of older counselors and the massive accumulated wisdom of the Proverbs, written particularly to and for him.  In this blog … Continue reading

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Rehoboam- Who are you listening to?

The story of Rehoboam in I Kings 12 seems increasingly relevant to independent Baptists in the 21st Century.  Rehoboam, of course, was the son of Solomon and the one to whom the Proverbs had been written.  He was given excellent advice and excellent … Continue reading

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