The Wooden Leg Theory

Have you ever been disappointed as you learned the faults of great Christians? When you discover the flaws in a well-known Christian leader are you tempted to discount the truths they have preached? I think all Christians go through struggles of this nature. I have been helped by a little theory God gave me which I call the “Wooden Leg Theory.”

Suppose I go to the track meet and watch from high in the stands as a young man wins the hundred-yard dash in 10 seconds flat. I cheer for him. I am so impressed that I walk down from the stands to congratulate him. As I get close, I discover that he has an artificial leg. Is my response, “Well, I’m not cheering for you any more, you’ve got a wooden leg! Here I thought everything about you was as it should be and now I find you have a handicap.” Of course not. My response would be, “Wow! It is amazing that you ran the race you did with the handicap you have!” It is important to note, however, that I would not cut off my leg. Cutting my leg off would do nothing to enhance me as I run the race.

So if I discover a problem in the life of a well-known Christian, I do not imitate it. Many people I know excuse their failures by pointing to great men who have had similar failures. If you live like that, you’ll be come a collection of the worst attributes of the best men in the world.

Neither do I fail to appreciate the greatness of the man once I discover his flaw. I say instead that he must have some tremendous offsetting strengths to run that kind of a race with that kind of a handicap.

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3 Responses to The Wooden Leg Theory

  1. Great post, Dr. Ouellette! In fact, I have had to do this with you! I wished that you would preach your post publically instead of some of the ranting you do in regard to some men of God/Christians that do not meet your standard, separation, or expectation in fundamentalism!

    For what it’s worth…..

  2. Brian Wilkins says:

    Great blog, Preacher. Thanks for sharing the Biblical position on gay marriage. My only complaint is that you don’t blog enough.

    For what it’s worth… Love you

  3. Brian Wilkins says:

    Oh this is the wooden leg theory…oh well

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